Astrology is a language;
If you understand this language, the sky speaks
to you !...

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I am a traditional priest of temples [Thanthri] practicing all type of thanthric and manthric karmas for suffering people.I have studied all manthras from my Grandfather M.Narayanan Nampoothiri, and he was a famous thanthri of Kerala. Since I bought up my childhood with him I got opportunity to get training of all thanthric and manthrika poojas.I am a postgraduate in business administration and have several diplomas including Para psychology.I got chance to serve several companies as their manager. After the death of grand father I have taken over the position of thanthri since I am the only member in the family who has learned the poojas from grandfather. Since 1995 I am practicing all the thanthra and manthravada for lot of renowned temples and suffering people. A lot of devotees from all religion are evidence to the relief got from the removal of all the enemy spirits [sathrudoshas], fault in horoscope [jathaka doshas], pithru doshas [curse from ancestors], educational, employment, financial, life, lifestyle, vasthu problems, etc.




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